Natalie. This is a blog about assholes ruining our lives with their magnificent bone stucture and single manly tears.

also bro touching, pls


SPN 10 countdown challenge | day 16 - episode 8 
↳ 5x08 - changing channels

This theme song is one of my alarms^.^


You know what video would have gone viral, if we still had it? When you were five and you got dressed up as Batman and you jumped off the shed ‘cause you thought you could fly. -After you jumped first. Hey, I was nine, and I was dressed up like Superman, okay? Everybody knows that Batman can’t fly. -Well, I didn’t know that. I broke my arm. I know you did. Man, I drove you to the E.R. on my handlebars. Hm, good times. -Yeah, they were.

"I’m not gonna leave you." 


This. This is the move.

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